KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX Collector’s Edition

I worked with Secret Powers to create this video promoting the new Collectors Edition of Kingdom Hearts and all that comes with it. I also created localized versions for UK,...

Tiny Monkey

This here is a very tiny monkey who will soon need rescuing by Egghead & Pocketman!

Shape Challenges

These are a few drawing challenges I did which required you to start out with one closed, abstract shape, and then turn it into something awesome!

Cock of the Walk Logo Build

This logo build was created as part of a collaboration piece.

Stranded in a Volcano!

The guy in the front had the right idea! Shorts and flip flops.. this is no place for a tie.

Sand Castle Revenge

I created this video for the 5 second animation challenge posted on GreyscaleGorilla. The little boy’s voice and overall look belongs to my son who is 6 months old. Check...